Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What makes movies successful?

What makes movie successful?

Recently, 'Furious 7' came out obtaining a great reputation from the audiences, which is reported as a successful movie to a certain extent. The definition of the success for a movie could vary differently from its type or genre. For examples, a comedy can be regarded successful if it makes audiences laugh a lot, while documentary aims at indicating the deep truth of some phenomena or objects. A horror movie cannot be considered good if it fails to scare spectators, while a love movie is not a successful one if it is not capable to make viewers feel an impulse to fall in love with somebody.

Nonetheless, regardless of the diverse genres of movies, there is still a general standard to assess whether a move is good or not. Whether the movie can touch our feelings, whether it is educative and whether it manage to mirror the society contribute a lot to the quality of it. Additionally, the plot as well as the characters and the actors in the movie also play critical roles in the assessment of the movie. If a movie can meet the requirement in all the aspects above, the chances are that it will be a real successful movie. Even if some movies may not gain enough popularity due to some other factors, say the esoteric language used in movie and the heartrending mood throughout the whole film which makes people uncomfortable, they can still be successful in a professional perspective.

The technology of making films

·         Technology has radically changed the way movies are filmed, especially insofar as computer-generated imagery (CGI) has not only reduced the cost of building sets but also allows actors to magically morph into different beings. For example, the superhero films are extremely prevalent these days. It is not only because people admire superheroes who have super power to save the world, but also because the magic background is quite real, thanks to the advanced technology. For example, in ‘Green Lantern’ the signature power of all Green Lanterns is the ability to conjure "constructs": solid green objects that the Green Lantern can control telekinetically. These can be anything, such as a disembodied fist to beat a foe, a shield to block an attack, a sword to cut a rope, or chains to bind a prisoner. Whatever their shape or size, these constructs are always pure green in color. With the assists of the film technology, all the power effects are accompanied by a green light, which is fantastic and convincing.

·         The technology can also create all manner of natural and manmade disasters without actually destroying anything. ‘2012’ is a well-known 2009 American science fiction disaster adventure film. All the disaster appeared in the movie are so verisimilar that as if the audiences experienced the tsunami themselves, which established the fame of the movie.

The movie stars in films

The second factor contributing to a successful movie should be actors. The actor is the soul of the film. Audiences are watching them directly so their performances influence the quality of the film greatly. 

When an actor has already had a fame and a large and enthusiastic fan base, virtually any movie he is attached to is going to be guaranteed an audience. However, regardless of the actor’s reputation, we still ought to ensure the actor is perfectly suitable for the character. That is to say the type should be proper. Type refers to an actor’s physical look and general demeanor. It also refers to the way viewers fit an actor into familiar archetypes, or universally understood characters. When you first lay eyes on an actor, that person comes across as a boss, a soldier, a bad guy, a seductress, a mother, or a clown, for example. It is not wise to let an actor who is well-known for playing bad guys play a hero. Moreover, make sure the actor is professional. Even if he is obscure by now, he must have decent acting skills, such as good body language, vocal quality and facial expression. Johnny Depp plays the leading role Captain Jack Sparrow in movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, which is an eccentric and mercenary man. Johnny acts extremely well to make Jack Sparrow a real person to audiences. He, an expert in acting, plays a crucial role in the success of the film.

The storyline of movies


Among all the elements contributing to a good movie, the plot is the most fundamental one. A good movie storyline can be found in every successful movie. The plot must accommodate a wide variety of audiences to appeal as many people as possible to watch the movie. It had better concentrate on a particular genre, say horror, comedy, fiction, documentary or romance. No matter how you love the actors in the movie or how advanced the technology used in the movie, one may still not see that movie if the storyline is poor and terrible. Take one of the most famous movie series ‘Harry Potter’ for example. Besides the excellent performance of the actors and the first-classed movie special effect, the reason for its success is greatly determined by its plot. Since it is edited from the marvelous novel written by J.K Rollin, the plot is extremely perfect with splendid imagination but few holes or logic falsehood. You can never guess what is going to happen in the next minute. Throughout all its 8 movies, audiences experienced all the ups and downs of the three high-spirited, clear-eyed kids in the magic world. The storyline is full of frustrations and conspiracies, which culminates at the time when the soul of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the headmaster was murdered. It seems there is no hope for Harry and his friends, however they reborn form the debris. There is an interesting fact that the movie derived from a good novel is more likely to gain the reputation than a movie with an original storyline. That is because good novels can guarantee their film adaptations a good storyline. That’s why so many other novel adaptations, just like Harry Potter, are so popular around audiences, such as The Hunger Games, The Star Dust and so on.

About me

About me

I really want to lead a wonderful life in the future with the people I loved all around me. I want have a job which I really enjoy, regarding it as a hobby rather than a burden.

I see lots of people complaining how dull and insipid their jobs are. I see them regret choosing the road for their life when they were young and faced the circumstance where they have to make decisions. I also see some people who are really contented with their status quo and have few complaints about the past. They enjoy their lives at the moment so much that they never retrospect the past, which is bootless for nothing already happened will change.

I want to see all my families and people I care can live around me harmoniously, getting together frequently and sharing all the anecdotes in our daily lives. Additionally, survive all the mishaps together with the exhorting and encouraging from each other. I want all of them lead a happy and self-sufficient lives.

I know the moment is a paramount period in my life and I also know it cannot be considered as a life if there is no bitterness. Moon wax and wane periodically. Likewise our lives are filled with satisfactions and frustrations. So just enjoy every aspect of your lives since they are similar and unique.

I am curious about who I will be and what company I will keep after 10 years from now on. 

Soil, Dried fallen leaves, Squirrels

This is a natural thing which is ubiquitous around the planet.
I found it on campus yesterday. Generally, it is brown. It smells nothing, with no words for the most of time. Moreover, it is too soft to hold.

It seems that it has nothing special but ordinary. Nonetheless, its color varies slightly depending on the moisture. To be more specific, the drier the environment is, the lighter it appears. And it can turn very dark whenever it rains. I bet it must desire for rain all the time, because it almost changes into a totally different thing during the rainy days. It begins to emit a sort of aroma, fresh and inviting. Instead of being soft, it is so moldable that, at this time, I can shape it into whatever I like.

And I have to admit I admire it so much for it offers the nutrients and gives the lives to all the flowers and trees. 

Dried fallen leaves
They are natural things that are very likely to be found under trees. They are brown, or colorless to a certain extent. They are in diverse shapes and different sizes. They are prone to roll forth and back or float in the air while some of them stick firmly to the ground. Or they are buried by the soil and seem to decay.

When I pick up one of them, I can hardly feel its weight. It’s so crumbly that I have to hold it gently in case of smashing it. Observing it carefully, you can see the veins of it, which is beautiful and the pattern is used in many craftwork designs nowadays.


It’s one of the most common animals that you can find on campus. It’s not very big, almost in the same size as a rabbit. Its back is grey while the stomach side is yellowish or brown. The color makes them easy to camouflage, and it’s hard to discover them in woods or piles of dried fallen leaves when they remain still. It has a long tail, fluffy and robust, which plays an important part in keeping balance so that it can run swiftly and turn sharply. They are good tree-climbers. Whenever I intend to move toward them, no matter how careful and covert I am, they dash into the opposite direction as fast as possible. And chances are that they end up climbing and hiding in the trees.

Wind--One of the five elements


It is one of the five basic elements. One can hardly notice the existence of it when it remains still. Nonetheless, most of the creatures cannot live without it. It whispers, whenever it moves slowly and gently. And there emerges a breeze, which may happen to bring some coolness to us during fervid days or get us some warmth to signify the end of a frigid winter. It howls, whenever it moves fast and fiercely, the chances are that it may form either tornado or hurricane causing fatal losses and even a catastrophe to the place it passes. It can be found almost everywhere in the world, regardless of the top of the highest mountain or the lowest trench in the ocean.

People admire the marvelous natural power that it bears, and sometimes they fear it. Fortunately, the human beings are recently intelligent enough to harness it to generate electricity. The resource it gives us is called renewable energy which can be considered as one of the most green and environmentally friendly power. So to a certain extent, it is more like a gift.

Furthermore, it brings us much fun, for instance, it allows us to fly kites which is a quite prevailing entertainment for the elderly, especially in eastern countries. And it also inspires us upon the invention of aircrafts, which greatly changed our transportation pattern.

It is undeniable that the benefit of it outweighs the harm it does to us.